Inspiring and Sarcastic quotes on how not to care about what others think – because we know a lil’ bit of sarcasm helps!

Yes, it is very important to be mindful of others, but as long as we are not hurting anyone or doing other people harm, then we shouldn’t be questioning ourselves based on what others has to say.

Remember that the only opinions that matter are that of yourself and of people who truly know you and accept you for who you are.

So this is a collection of quotes to help lift your mood if you are feeling judged or pressured by what other people say. Don’t forget, you are your own cheerleader! 🙂gone-with-the-wind-quote

Just say this in your mind whenever someone criticizes your way of doing things.


This is def funny and will help uplift your mood when thinking about them haters.


Okay so you don’t have to literally scare them or imitate the Mother Monster’s antics but this means that if you establish your poise, confidence, and self-assurance first, then people would identify you as someone who has a strong personality and won’t be brought down by people’s grave comments.


You cannot be hurt by something you don’t care about.


Unless someone will be truly honest with you, we cannot really know what other’s think of us, we can only speculate. And aside from being inaccurate, it is a waste of time and energy. Might as well direct those resources to more productive things.


I think the possibilities of things we can accomplish when we are not afraid of what others might say are endless.  Seize every opportunity to do things you love and express yourself.a2e12a992f91d532471b3dc6e8484321

It will always be YOUR choice to be great or to just stand on the sidelines.a

‘Nuff said.


Just please, save yourself all the drama, emotion and energy that will be wasted if you’ll let all opinions get into you.

“The truth is that no one is concerned about you. And this is a fact because everyone is sucked up in their world and you are the least of their problems. Even if they notice you for a second, this is temporary. Focus on permanent solutions to your challenges rather than temporary hindrances.” – Lifehackb

I highly recommend watching Brene Brown’s TED Talk entitled Why your Critics Aren’t the one who count and watch your life change.


Lastly, let us not forget this beautiful quote by Mother Teresa, which teaches us that no matter how good our intentions are or how noble our acts were, there will still be people who’d doubt us, mock us, and let us down. This should not keep us from doing the things we love. Remember that when we reach a significant turning point in life, some will not grow along with us, and those people have the tendency to become our critics. What do you have to do? Just let them be. If we know 1000 people, that is also 1000 perspectives of us, but in the end only two perspectives matter: what you think of yourself and what God thinks of you.



*credits to the photo owners




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