Gradually going through Grad School: The Pros and Cons of juggling career and education


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So, you’re in your mid-20’s, with a promising career ahead of you and at the same time took a leap of faith in pursuing that Master’s Degree you’ve always dreamed of achieving.

Working your ass off for your career is challenging enough, what more if you add yet another world that requires a lot of hard work, physical, mental, and financial investment plus blood, sweat and unicorn tears.

So here are the pro’s and cons of juggling both – from someone who is currently dealing with it.

I’ll start with the cons because who wants to end with the negatives?


  1. The idea of juggling itself is dizzying, sometimes nauseating (figuratively and literally) Both requires your full commitment and dedication, yet you only have one tool (body)
  2. You will have limited if not zero social life. – You just know you are socially doomed when you spend your Friday nights watching tutorials of  Statistical applications on YouTube.
  3. It means cutting back on traveling because your tuition fee demands you prioritize him over that plane ticket. You see your friends on social media going places, (Man, they’re everywhere.) and you comfort yourself with the thought, “I’ll be able to go there too someday and I’ll freaking bring my diploma with me.”
  4. There will be days that you’ll be asking yourself the following questions: Do I really have to do this? Why am I freaking doing this to myself? Dear self, remind me again why are we doing this?(Statements may vary)
  5. There will be a lot of times when you will feel that all the universe conspires towards not letting you have time to sleep or rest for that matter. Especially when a critical time at work and your finals week decides that they want to happen at the same time.


  1. It serves as an escape from the office – thus prevents burn out from work.
  2. You meet new people with new ideas, learn new perspectives – helps you think outside the office cubicle, I mean box.
  3. You appreciate going to school more and feels extra bad when you miss a class because you paid all those fees so high they could compete with the Burj Khalifa.
  4. You get to experience the youthful vibe of being a student again – and this time, YOU can afford that expensive bag/shoes that you can only dream about when you were an undergrad.
  5. You get that confidence that you will have an edge over others. Many people desires to have the time and opportunity to pursue further studies, and there you are actually doing it. While you would sometimes question why you have to read multi-page journals instead of the latest buzz on Taylor Swift’s newest squeeze just like everybody else, you remind yourself that’s who you strive to be, not like everybody else.
  6. You get by each term because deep inside, you know it will all be worth it in the end. “The tassle is worth the hassle.” No more explanation needed for that.





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