4 Reasons why People-watching should be your next hobby

Image from www.theodysseyonline.com

In today’s fast-paced society, it’s very easy to get caught in the rush of day-to-day living. But there are moments when we will find ourselves craving for some solitude, away from the hustle and bustle of that thing called “adulthood”. So whether it be giving yourself some alone time or getting stuck somewhere, you might wanna try refreshing your senses, looking at the bigger picture of the scenario you’re currently in and do some people-watching.

Some might argue whether it should even qualify as a hobby. Well as with what all liquor advertisements tell us, it is awesome as long as you do it in moderation. Take it beyond socially acceptable levels and you get labeled as a creepy stalker, and who wants to be called “creepy” and “stalker” all at the same time?

Here are four reasons why you should have some serious people-watching skills:

1. It keeps you from getting bored.

You probably have been in one or more of the below situations:

  • Stuck in (hellish) traffic and semi wondering whether to throw a tantrum or just walk home.
  • Waiting for someone or for that order of pizza that is taking longer than what your tummy expected.
  • Sitting in a restaurant eating ice cream by yourself because every human being deserves to. I repeat, EVERY HUMAN BEING DESERVES TO.
  • Standing in a looong line for the bus/train singing “I’m the man who can’t be moved.”
  • Any other situation where you find yourself in boring agony.

So many of you might have chosen the last item because you’re not weird like me, but my point is whenever you find yourself in such situations, try taking a deep breath and look at what the people around you are doing. You most likely will find something that will get your attention or would make you want to look closer.

2. You become more observant.

Again, just make sure you do it subtly so as not to be labeled “creepy”. By simply watching what other people at random moments, you exercise being keen to details. Subconsciously, you also develop your analytical skills and may also be able to relate other people’s actions to personal situations as well.

3. You will find something amusing and/or inspiring.

When you people-watch, there is the excitement of finding something fascinating.

4. You get to understand people more.

People watching is also another way of meeting and getting to know new people on another scale. You get to see them at an almost vulnerable level, you see raw emotions, actions and maybe even hear conversations. All these enhances your ability to understand your peers and establish deeper connections to others.


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