Write, that’s me

Oh! Hi There! I am sooo thrilled you’re here. You see, I’m an introvert who loves meeting new people. Yeah, I’m weird like that. (You have noooo idea.)

So now that you’re here, lemme’ give you some information about me.

(In bullet form because I believe in death by lengthy sentences.)

The serious stuff:

  • Registered Nurse (not in practice)
  • Corporate Trainer
  • MS Clinical Psychology Student
  • Writer
  • Blogger
  • Teacher

The real deal:

  • Pet Parent to adorable dogs
  • Needs caffeine to start functioning
  • Considers Book hoarding as a sport
  • Love my job because it allows me to pretend to be a normal and decent human being
  • Divergent. Loves anything unconventional
  • Self-confessed weirdo
  • Will work for Ice cream

I am passionate about:

  • Learning in any form (whether it be formal or through random experiences and people I meet)
  • Sharing knowledge and ideas
  • Simplifying complex topics; making it digestible and fun to learn
  • Animal welfare
  • Helping people help themselves achieve their goals
  • Hacking into people’s minds and digging deep to understand them and their needs

My kryptonites are:

  • Roller coasters and any extreme rides for that matter (Panic is not my friend.)
  • Blinking lights and revolving electric fans (told ya this could get weird)
  • Yellow chicks, Yes they have to be yellow for me to freak out. (told ya this could get beyond weird)
  • Cooking – I’ll just leave the spatula to Spongebob
  • Numbers, especially those that present themselves in equations and statistical problems. I don’t mind them in my bank account though

Dreams and goals:

  • Finish my masters degree with my sanity intact
  • Be a professional people watcher
  • Break introvert norms and be an inspiring speaker (and writer)
  • Drive a car without being a threat to the world
  • Have my own “Miss B’s Home for Abandoned and Stray Animals” (peculiar or not)

Where you can find me:

So folks, that’s me in one page*.

*Because humans are stories and should not be condensed to 140 characters or less.

Just wow, you really went through all the above! I really appreciate your precious time. I hope you found something:

Amusing, interesting, wonderful, funny, inspiring, thought and action-provoking




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